Purified Water

NEWCO offers high quality, affordable Reverse Osmosis systems for water purification that can be installed right at the kitchen sink! 

Reverse Osmosis is an excellent method of purifying water. An RO system features a membrane that is capable of filtering out the smallest of organisms - even as small as bacteria & virus'!  


Reverse Osmosis is also an excellent solution for residents with City water.


Remove Flouride, Chlorine and other potentially harmful chemicals.  

Save on waste from bottled water! 

Choose from several different faucet styles & colors, to elegantly match your sink and counter top.


 The RO faucet can typically be installed on either side of your sink, adjacent to your main faucet.

NEWCO provides complete Installation, and offers routine maintenance & filter changes.  


A 5 year warranty covers all working parts on our Reverse Osmosis Systems.


For DIY maintenance,

Get step-by-step instructions here, in our easy-to-follow Video tutorial!

To schedule an appointment for the Installation of your new Reverse Osmosis drinking water system, simply fill out the contact form below, or call.