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Pressure Boosting Pumps

Does your shower trickle on your shoulder?  If so, you need a pressure boosting pump!  For private well owners, low pressure at the faucet or shower can be the result of many factors including small pipe diameter, pipe scaling build up, or long distances to the affected areas.   If you are on a Municipal water system,  you are at the mercy of the water facility.  You may be located on top of a hill or toward the end of the line and have only 20 or 30 psi of water pressure.  This is not enough to operate high efficiency toilets or supply a decent shower.

These pumps increase water pressure to your entire home resulting in great pressure at the faucet, hose, high efficiency toilets, and showers by increasing your existing pressure.

Fixed Speed VS Variable Speed

There are essentially two different types of booster pumps; fixed speed variable speed.  The fixed speed pump senses either water flow or pressure drop to start, and then runs as hard as it can, until it senses that water has stopped flowing.  This type of pump is an excellent cost effective choice if your water pressure is consistently low.

The variable speed booster pump is a more intelligent device.  With this type of pump, you set your desired output pressure, and the pump runs to satisfy that demand.  If only a small amount of pressure is required, the pump runs slower, building less pressure, and using less electricity. 


Please give us a call or contact us to discuss if a booster pump is right for your application! Currently we are only installing and repairing pumps within Rhode Island.

Pressure Boosting Pumps
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