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Shallow Well Jet Pumps

A Jet Pump is used for pumping water from a source below the pump by creating suction to draw the water up a pipe to the pumps location.  The benefit being the pump is above ground and easily servicable.  The downsides include higher noise, higher electrical usage, and less flow.  

Shallow Well Jet Pumps (referred to as a single nose) is capable of lifting (sucking) water from up to 25' below the pumps location.  This is excellent for pulling water from ponds, lakes, streams, and shallow wells for irrigation and drinking water systems.

Deep Well Jet Pumps are used for lifting water from depths greater than 25'.  These pumps require multiple pipes and venturis down in the well to function properly.  These have limited flow and water pressure depending on the depth, and we see less and less of these in service every year.

In many applications, we recommend installing a submersible pump sytem instead if possible.  This will give better water flow rates, higher pressure, and are more efficient.

Currently we are only installing and repairing pumps within Rhode Island.

Shallow Well Jet Pumps
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