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Submersible Well Pumps

Submersible Well Pumps are probably one of the most unknown parts of a home's water system.  This pump sits submerged in your well, often hundreds of feet below ground.  Not only that, it's connected with generally 220v power and a discharge pipe to carry the water from the pump to the tank in your home.

The pump is controlled by the pressure switch located at your pressure tank.  This switch monitors the water pressure and when the pressure drops below a certain pressure (psi), the pump turns on and refills the pressure tank until the water pressure reaches the set pressure.  Most homes operate between 40 - 60 psi, but older homes you will often find lower pressures like 30 - 50 psi, and sometimes even 20 -40 psi.

Submersible pumps are selected based on a number of factors.  The amount of water required to operate your home to satisfy everyone's needs is a primary concern, but nearly as important is knowing the limitations of your well and how much water it actually produces.  It is very possible to use more water than your well can provide, resulting in pump damage.

Another factor is the size of the pressure tank in your system.  The larger the pressure tank, the longer the pump will run for each cycle actually resulting in increased well pump life!

Each well pump motor has a dedicated power circuit to operate it.  Generally they are 220v, but occasionally we run into and install 110v.  Older homes and outbuildings sometimes only have 110v power.  If the option is available, 220v motors draw half the amperage of a comparable 110v motor resulting in a signifcant power savings on you electric bill.

Depending on how deep your well is will change the amount of horsepower required for the pump to deliver the water to your home.  The deeper your well, the higher the horsepower required.  The higher the horsepower, the larger gauge wire required.

There are so many variables that can affect pump sizing.  Choosing the correct size pump will extend its life significantly, as well as improve your water flow,  so let us help make decision!  Our team has been trained by the manufacturers to select the right pump for the correct application.  

We install only the highest quality pumps from Goulds, AY McDonald, Franklin, Grundfos, and more.  

Interested in Constant Pressure Systems?  Ask us about VFDs!  Variable Frequency Drive, or Constant Pressure systems are readily available with lots of benefits.  These deliver a constant set pressure, require just a small pressure tank, and use nearly half as much electricity as a standard submersible pump.

Currently we are only installing and repairing pumps within Rhode Island.

Submersible Well Pumps
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