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New England Water Conditioning was founded in 1993 with the goal of providing southern New England with great, safe, clean drinking water.  We specialize in all aspects of well water systems including water treatment systems and well pressure tanks.

Our service is what sets us apart.  Our team of trained, dedicated installers and technicians will be there for you when you need us.  We guarantee that our response to your emergency or simply a service will be prompt, accurate, and cost effective.  We won't keep you waiting.

If you're experiencing problem water, stinky water, stains, scaling, low flow or pressure, please contact us or give a call at 401-392-0199 or toll-free at 800-667-1507.


New England Water Conditioning specializes Water Softeners, Iron Filters, pH Neutralizers, Reverse Osmosis, Sediment Filters, Radon Reduction, Arsenic Remediation, Lead Removal, Bacteria Treatment, Odor, Sulphur & Bad Taste, Staining & Scaling problems.

We carry high quality name brands including Fleck, Clack, Entipure, ResinTech, Hydrotech, Pentek, Purolite, and more.


The first step in designing a system is collecting a water sample and finding out what's in your water and what we are dealing with. 


We offer comprehensive testing including Radon, Coliform Bacteria, Arsenic, Lead, VOC's and much more.  

A free 10 step mineral test is used to determine many common treatment solutions to hardness, pH, iron, iron bacteria, TDS (total dissolved solids), manganese, copper, nitrates, sulfides, and tannins.  

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