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Water Treatment  & Filtration

New England Water Conditioning specializes Water Softeners, Iron Filters, pH Neutralizers, Reverse Osmosis, Sediment Filters, Radon Reduction, Arsenic Remediation, Uranium, VOC's, Lead & Copper Removal, Bacteria Treatment, Beryllium, Manganese, Nitrates and Nitrites, Odor, Sulphur & Bad Taste, Tannins, Staining & Scaling problems.

We carry the top name brands including Fleck, Clack, ResinTech, Hydrotech, Pentek, Purolite, and we have the experts here, ready to service your existing equipment or install a new system. 

Call 401-392-0199 or toll-free at 800-667-1507 to discuss your needs and find how we can help.

At New England Water Conditioning we take Arsenic Reduction very seriously.   Long term exposure from arsenic in your drinking water has been linked to cancer, skin lesions, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Lead and other heavy metals are toxic to the human body and can cause damage to the brain, kidneys, nervous systems and is more harmful to children who absorb much higher percentages.

Radon is a radioactive, cancer causing gas found in the rock below us. It can find it's way into our homes and even the water we use every day. We have the equipment and know-how to handle Radon in the water and get it out of your home.

Economical whole-house carbon filtration solution for reducing chlorine and other bad tastes and odors

Microbial and organic contaminants can’t always be detected through sight, smell or taste. You might not realize at all without an illness occurring, or getting your water tested. 

High levels of Nitrates usually indicate intrusion of agricultural fertilizers into the water source. This containment should be treated in levels above 10 ppm.

NEWCO offers high quality, affordable Reverse Osmosis systems for water purification that can be installed right at the kitchen sink!

Water Softeners soften water by removing hard calcium from the water using ion exchange. The result? Brighter white laundry, softer feeling hair and skin, improved performance of appliances!

Iron and Manganese are very common in New England. Here at New England Water Conditioning we use a diverse variety of methods depending on levels as well as other properties of your water.

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are man-made chemicals related to several consumer products, notably Teflon, non-stick coating for cookware, and fire-fighting foam.

Step 1, catch the sediment before it gets into anything. This simple filter prolongs the life of filtration systems and fixtures down the line by removing the larger particulate.

This simple tank is a key component to a well water system. It holds all the pressure your pump delivers, then sends that water throughout your home.

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