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Radon Reduction in Water

Radon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is released uranium in the rocks and soil.  This gas is radioactive and known to cause serious health issues, primarily lung cancer.   It is the second leading cause of lung cancer, and can cause stomach and internal cancers from consumption.  

Radon in the air is more commonly known because it is a required test for home inspections, but the gas can dissolve into the groundwater pumped into your home as well.  This dissolved radon can be released into your home and indoor air by taking showers, washing dishes, and even washing laundry.

It's important to start with testing your water for Radon. Depending on the pCi/L (picoCuries per Liter), we will implement different types of systems.  For levels above 15,000 pCi/L, a whole house water aeration system is use.  For lower levels, a non-backwashing absorbtive high quality coconut carbon is used.  

Aeration System

To tackle high levels of Radon, generally above 15,000 pCi/L, we use the REPCO Bubble-Up or Bubble-Up Junior Interactive system.  This aerates the water then blows it into a basin, where the Radon bubbles up and out a vent.  The clean water flows over the brim of the basin and is then pumped automatically through the home.  

With tested 99% efficiency, this is the go to system with integrated safety features such as meter control and alarm for vent obstruction, high water and leaks - even during power outages!

HAC Carbon System (Highly Activated Carbon)

For lower levels of Radon we use Highly Activated Carbon system.  This is a non-powered system with two tanks loaded with HAC Carbon.  After a tank has been consumed, the second tank is put into service while the first is replenished with new carbon and then put back as the redundant tank.  With test ports built in multiple locations, we have the ability to test each tanks efficiency.  The carbon also is excellent at removing any foul taste and odor in your water.

Please give us a call with any of your Radon questions at 800-667-1507.

Radon Reduction in Water
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