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Reverse Osmosis and UF

NEWCO offers high quality, affordable Reverse Osmosis systems for water purification that can be installed right at the kitchen sink! Reverse Osmosis is an excellent method of purifying water. An RO system features a membrane that is capable of filtering out the smallest of organisms - even as small as bacteria & virus'.

Reverse Osmosis is also an excellent solution for residents with City water to remove Flouride, Chlorine and other potentially harmful chemicals.  

Our UF (Ultra Filtration) System is a perfect solution for great drinking water in many applications where a reverse osmosis system is not desired (i.e. water to drain is a concern) or space is a concern since the QCUF has no storage tank.

Purify your water and save on waste from bottled water!

Reverse Osmosis System

Ultra Filtration System

Reverse Osmosis and UF
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