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Water Softeners

Water Softeners soften water by removing hard calcium from the water using ion exchange.  The result?  Brighter white laundry, softer feeling hair and skin, improved performance of appliances!

Feature and Benefits

  • Cleaner, brighter and longer lasting clothes.

  • Less soap scum buildup in the bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

  • Hair and skin will feel smoother and have more luster.

  • Dishes and glassware will rinse sparkling clean and clear.

  • Prevention of scale will result in longer lasting plumbing fixtures and appliances including your water heater and dishwasher, lasting up to 1/3 longer.

  • Water heater efficiency will increase by up to 29%

  • Stop the unsightly red rust stains of iron and the black staining of manganese

  • Efficient, can Initiate regeneration on water consumption, or on the day and time of your choice

How It Works

A water softener works by removing calcium and magnesium minerals from water by a process called ion exchange.  Softening resin has a negative charge that attracts the positively charged hard water creating minerals, calcium and magnesium.  As the water passes through the tank of softening resin, all of the hard water minerals are grabbed up leaving you with softened water.

Standard Equipment Includes:

  • Fleck or Clack Valve to regenerate on the day, time and gallons of your choice.  We commonly use the 5600SXT for standard applications, the 9100SXT Twin Tank for high capacity and redundancy, and the Clack WS series for high flow applications. 

  • Bypass valve connection

  • High Capacity Ion Exchange Resin Media

  • Fiberglass Mineral Tank

  • Brine Tank

  • Drain line to dry well, storm drain, stone trench, or under deck with stone.


Sediment Filter before system

Water Softeners
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